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Granite, Bronze, and Marble Monuments of Everlasting Beauty!

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Distinctive Designs

A monument or marker is created because there was a life. For this reason, we only use the best materials and use skilled designers and craftsmen to cover every intricate detail of a memorial.

We offer an astonishing selection of traditional and contemporary monuments and markers. There are unlimited possibilities regarding shape, lettering style, and personal symbolism. Our professional and experienced memorial consultants will help you design a memorial that will satisfy your heart-felt need to honor your loved one.

A memorial serves as a tribute of love, honor, and respect. Our professional and experienced staff will help you create a memorial that will pay tribute for generations.

Many families in this community have entrusted us with their memorial needs because of our quality craftsmanship, honesty, and value. It would be an honor to serve you.

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  • Custom Monuments

    Custom Monuments

  • Etched Monuments

    Etched Monuments

  • 2'-0

    2'-0" Monuments

  • 2'-6

    2'-6" Monuments

  • 3'-0

    3'-0" & Larger

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  • Personalized messages and artwork are etched, hand cut, or sandblasted into the stone to ensure their permanency.
    All of our work is crafted with the utmost care.
  • Serving all faiths
  • Quality — All our monuments are made of the highest quality granite to ensure long-lasting beauty and elegance.
  • Selections — Richardson Monument Company, Co. Inc., assists the bereaved in the selection of size, color, and finish, as well as the appropriate type of lettering. There are literally hundreds of examples to choose from.
  • We encourage you to come by and look at samples that may suit your needs.